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Why Websites Fail

By Tim Oestreich | Fri, 12 Jan 2007

Why do web sites fail? As a marketing and design company, we address this subject on a daily basis with new clients.  Why isn't my web site performing?  Why are my competotors outperforming me even though I offer a better product or service? And the list goes on.  Often the answers to these questions are easy to identify.  Here is a list of some of the key factors that cause web sites to fail.


The ability to easily navigate a website is at the top of the list of developmen goals.  Your site could offer great information or products, but if users can't find what they need, your site has failed them.  The design of the site architecture is arguably more importat than the visual design.  We have clients that have seen astronomical increases and thaffic and sales when we revamp the navigation of the site.


Content is also a key issue when developing a successful site.  We define content as the defining information and or product that the site visitor is searching for.  Not many site visitors come to a website to buy animations and flashy graphics.  What if you went to a restraunt, ordered a cheeseburger, and the server started dancing and singing and completely ignored your request.  That is how site visitors feel when they are not presented with what they were searching for.  On the web, they will leave within seconds and go find the information elsewhere.  Probably at one of your competitors!


Assuming that the mechanics and architecture of the site are properly developed, the visual or aesthetic design of a site is of great importance.  The most important criterion is that the visual design communicates effectively with the target audience.  It is vital to develop the right visual message that appeals to the market segment that you are tring to reach.


The expectations of users on the web have been dramatically heightened over the last few years.  Live stock trading, shopping 24/7, banking online, and the list goes on forever.  What does your site do to interact and service your viewers?  There is someone out there in your industry that is winning out by giving site viewers a more useful and dynamic experience.  This means that they are also garnering more sales.


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