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  • Target visitors or search engines? Target visitors or search engines?
    Last Friday afternoon, I was able to catch the end of the Blog Business Summit in Seattle. At the session called "Blogging and SEO Strategies," John Battelle ...
  • Why Websites Fail
    Why do web sites fail? As a marketing and design company, we address this subject on a daily basis with new clients.  Why isn't my web site performing?  Why are my ...
  • ECommerce: The Shipping Dilemma
    Ecommerce is one of the best marketing channels for small to medium-sized businesses.  The cost of establishing a viable ecommerce site is far less than a traditional ...
  • 10 Web Marketing Basics
    1. Target The Right Audience What demographic group is most likely to buy your product or service? Sounds easy enough, yet this is the most fundamental error that we see time ...
  • More Web Site Design Basics
    Some companies have dynamic and productive web sites. More firms belatedly see the need for one but are fighting procrastination. But by far the largest group of companies ...

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