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Branding, Web Marketing & Design Solutions in Print, Web and New Media.

Paradigm New Media specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses develop, design, and implement professional marketing strategies including all of the related production. This includes professional web design, ecommerce web site design, internet marketing, SEO, corporate brochure designs, brochure printing, corporate logo design, Multimedia, custom illustration, product photography, product photography services, product packaging design, video production and much more. We welcome you to browse our portfolio and view samples of our work, and always feel free to call or email us for a free consultation regarding your marketing, design, and analytics needs.

Paradigm New Media, L.L.C. was founded in 1998 as a full service marketing agency servicing direct relationships with clients as well as acting as an outsourcing partner for various intraindustry firms. Since its inception, Paradigm has focused on creating a new standard for creative products and services in marketing and design.

We believe that no single marketing medium can satisfy all of the needs of any client. This knowledge has driven us to continually invest time and resources to ensure that we bring a broad range of creative services and technologies to bear for our clients. Whether it is
branding, print, packaging, web services, video production or a comprehensive marketing campaign, we have the flexibility and expertise to create a solution that truly meets your needs rather than trying to mold your needs to a limited knowledge set.

Our focus at Paradigm is to accurately assess the needs and goals of our clients and apply our creativity and ingenuity to reaching those goals. We have built our business based on long term ?integrated? relationships with our clients. Many of our clients grow to rely us as an extension of their own organization with Paradigm team members dedicated to their needs. To us this is a statement of the trust that we have earned. Our success is a direct result of the success of our clients.


We base our process on maximizing the results of your marketing budget. Through experience, we help define your market position and tailor a solution according to your goals and resources.

  • Define YOUR objectives, wants and needs.
  • Analyze market competition.
  • Develop solutions and tools within your budget.
  • Involve you to Refine the solution.
  • Implement the solution to achieve a user-centric marketing solution.

Our Approach

As we often advise prospective clients, whomever you choose to be your design firm, the more informed you are the greater your chance of sucess. The marketing industry is fraught with techno jargon, misinformation, and overreaching promises. Companies that sound like carnival barkers offering the one-size-fits-all "secret weapon" to solve your marketing needs. As the old addage goes "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." The truth (and most people acknowledge it deep down) is that great results require lots of hard work. Success requires hard work on the part of the client to make sure that they are choosing the right firm. More importantly it requires that the marketing firm is experienced enough to guide the client in avoiding the numerous pitfalls that can arise in any marketing effort.

At Paradigm we believe that a well informed client is the best client. This is why we devote most of our time to building the relationships that we have with our existing clients rather than trying to constantly replace them with new ones. As a result of this approach we have continued to expand and develop our list of services to virtually all media. We do this both to meet the growing needs of our clients and to look to the future in anticipation of what their needs will be in an ever changing market environment. Simply put, we have suceeded because we help our clients to succeed. Trust and confidence are earned and that is what we work at everday.


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